What is it?

Dnsqlpanel is a web based front end to bind, using the bind-mysql sdb module. It was originally written by brad and updated to pear by wimpunk.

Project Status

The project is currently in development. You can use software but maybe you'll need your sql-editor to make a few changes.

Currently you can add/remove/edit hosts. Serial number incrementation is not currently working.

The pear-version is being restyled. There is a demo of the pear-version available where you can login with username demo and password demo. Warning: we're still working on this version so the design may change. If you would to try this version to, you can trythe cvsversion

What files do I need?

Firstly, you will need BIND9. BIND needs to be patched with a mysql sdb module. For the pear version, the development is done on the mysql-bind on sourceforge and Brad used the netbasterd mysql-sdb which has a project page on freshmeat but it seems nobody is working on it.

Currently wimpunk is working on the pear-version to get it working. Normally you'll be able to use the psql-version to but that's not tested. Please send me any comments.

More info

If you need more info, you best check out the sourceforge project page


Brad can be contacted via email at: brad"at"

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